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India Medical Team


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Our JCF Medical Team has returned home safely from Southern India!  Our team was able to visit our mission organization’s base in Hyderabad to meet with leaders to learn about their vision …

Mtg D'Souza

…and see their book distribution warehouse where tens of thousands of Christian books and literature go out all over the country of India.

OM Books

Four full days of rural medical clinics gave us tremendous opportunities to not only reach out to individuals who were hurting physically but to also minister spiritually to so many lost in darkness.  Though only there for a few short days, the trust established in these remote areas is invaluable as look toward future ministry opportunities.



We were able to offer basic eye exams, dental exams and treat various aches, pains and disease through primary care.  Though conditions extremely basic and totally outdoors under the shade of tents, we were received with such grateful hearts of those who were sincerely appreciative of what we had to offer.

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One of the highlights of our time in the field was sharing with group after group of women who had been dedicated as temple prostitutes or Jogini as they are locally known.  After spending many hours sharing God’s story of creation and redemption and explaining the cost they would incur if they chose to follow Jesus, many made the firm commitment to accept His gift and worship Him alone.


Our final day in the field gave us opportunity to do general medical exams at a local school.  Our interaction with the children was a tremendous blessing.  These children were Dalit, or the ‘untouchable’ caste, a segment of India’s population marginalized for generations, given over to the most menial of labor and subjected to horrific degradation and humiliation.  To see these children so bright and happy, receiving an opportunity to receive an education and better their lives was truly encouraging.


As we left, thankful for a few days in our future without curry and dreading the plane ride home, each of us were encouraged, inspired and excited about what God has in store for us as we follow Him back to India!